Zarion Allocate

Simplifying Capacity Management

Zarion Software provides a range of solutions to financial service providers.

Zarion Allocate Desktop Image

The Challenge

The company required assistance to enhance the User Experience (UX) of Zarion Allocate, a work allocation software product. Financial supervisors and personnel utilise this task-manager to ensure their employees are not overloaded.

The Process

Graphic Mint conducted ethnographic User research to identify User needs and pain points. Our findings informed our User-Centred Design (UCD) process where we mapped, storyboarded and prototyped many solutions. We iterated upon these with client collaboration to ensure a final product solution that was robust and innovative. Graphic Mint assisted Zarion Software with the front-end development of the User Interface (UI), and provided comprehensive style guides for future reference.

User Research

Our research team began by opening a revolving door of real User feedback. Through this, we learned that supervisors felt overworked and disconnected from their personnel, who sometimes felt undervalued and anonymous.

Framework Design

In Framework Design we immersed ourselves in the supervisor’s ecosystem. We studied and visualised their environments, relationships, goals, workflows and the type of work items which are allocated on a day-to-day basis.

Detail Design

In Detail Design, we created features which addressed User pain-points and humanised the product.

Front End Development

We created a style guide to help lead the development of the User Interface using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to represent Zarion Allocate at its best.


The Award-Winning Result

Dynamic information presented in the User Interface now gives supervisors full transparency of team operations. The introduction of profile pictures created game-changing empathy between supervisors and personnel, by simulating face-to-face interactions.

This has humanised their professional relationship and tackled the anonymity of office environments. This enables them to make fairer, more democratic work allocation decisions.

Control and ease-of-use has dramatically decreased the learning curve and established the trust Users need to rely on the system as a valuable tool. The Zarion Allocate Marketing Team now find the product easier to demonstrate, as customers immediately recognise its value. 

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