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Trinity College Dublin is a leading Irish university. It ranks highly in Ireland and globally for academic excellence. It’s library is the largest in Ireland and was founded in 1592. It is one of the largest repositories of knowledge in Europe with over 6 million printed volumes. It provides support and services to a wide range of Users.

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The Challenge

The Trinity College Library website is an important resource for students, staff and visitors. However users had difficulties locating the service they needed through this online portal. Trinity College felt a redesign was needed. This redesign had to ensure it met the users needs giving them access to essential information quickly and intuitively.

Trinity College Library dashboard with improved Usr Experience by Graphic Mint

The Process

Graphic Mint performed Usability Testing on the current Trinity College Library website. This was done in order to optimise the college’s redesigning process. Our testing was conducted with participants from various User groups (students, faculty members and staff) to gain insight into the differences in real User behaviour, and how each group must be supported by the redesign. Scenarios were devised and tasks set to ensure all of these conditions were met.

After the testing, we synthesised our findings and presented our findings to Trinity College in a report eliciting unique insights into patterns of physical and emotive User behaviours. Based on these the report included recommendations for the redesign.

Trinity College Library Usability Testing report by Graphic Mint

The Result

With the comprehensive Usability Testing report we provided, Trinity College were able to redesign their Library’s website to become more informative and innovative. Users now have an online experience that makes information more available and straightforward. This starts with a much more organised homepage and is followed through the rest of the site. Thousands upon thousands of Users now use the website experiencing less pain-points and get the information they require much faster.

What Clients Say

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“The User Testing sessions exceeded our expectations in terms of obtaining valuable and insightful feedback.”

– Arlene Healy, Sub Librarian Trinity College Dublin

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