The Irish Society for Autism

Advancing Awareness Online

The Irish Society for Autism is “the longest established specialist service for people with Autism in Ireland.” It is also a founding member of both Autism Europe and the World Autism Organisation. The goal of the charity is to create awareness about Autism as well being a source of information for families, educators, health care workers and whoever else may seek it. Logo by Graphic Mint

The Challenge

2013 was an important milestone year in the history of the Irish Society for Autism. It marked fifty years from their founding in 1963. To mark the occasion the charity hosted a conference. A variety of marketing and branding collateral was required to go along with this as well as to mark the anniversary. It was also felt that it was a good time to reevaluate the branding of the charity. Branding work for desktop and print by Graphic Mint

The Process

Graphic Mint became responsible for the organisation’s rebranding, promotion and digital marketing for the conference. The primary focus was to look at the overall brand of the charity. User Interviews and User Research took place to ensure any changes proposed were in keeping with the ethos and history of the society. Storytelling was a key consideration for Graphic Mint in this process too and helped to define the approach taken.

The digital experience was repositioned from the Irish Society for Autism to to reflect the greater online presence. Emphasis was also placed on the blue rose used in the logo, bringing it to the forefront. This reflected the past, present and future of the charity. From this rebrand other assets were designed and developed. These were optimised for both digital and print media.

Example of the branding work for by Graphic Mint

The Result

The 50th Anniversary Autism Conference went off without a hitch  with an inspiring keynote address by Temple Grandin. The new branding was used to great effect before and during the event. Graphic Mint has maintained its relationship with the Irish Society for Autism by maintaining their website on an ongoing basis and working with them on other design projects.

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