Collaborating to Reach Consensus

This is the final of three User Experience Solutions articles from the Graphic Mint studio. In these short articles we revisit important design terms and practices from our recent demo reel. This article focuses on ‘Strategy’ and gives a brief overview of how frustration with digital projects is resolved by facilitating expert collaboration.

Project Frustration

When business, development and design teams are working toward alternate goals, projects become frustrating. This frustration is caused by each person having a different understanding of what the project requirements and design goals should be. When these teams are not collaborating to reach consensus, communication breaks down. This causes the requirements and design goals to remain unfocused, indefinitely.

An unclear project strategy limits the value of all time invested in it and makes it impossible to reach the end goal. When projects are unproductive, the final product or service is not useful for the end user as key pain-points or opportunities cannot be targeted appropriately. This means realistic, gradual improvements which could benefit business, development and design teams are not met.


In order for projects to give valuable results, all team members must collaborate and adhere to a clear project plan. For example, Marketing and Business teams from different departments may have conflicting ideas about how to improve customer communications. By conducting an expert evaluation of what assets require immediate attention, realistic project requirements can be set to serve the long-term needs of both teams and the customer.

These goals are validated by all stakeholders through conducting collaborative team workshops, to capture the full range of perspectives on the product or service. All prototypes, findings and assets are iterated upon with feedback from these stakeholders. The project is rigorously managed by the design team throughout, to guarantee the design process remains focused on shared goals.

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