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Introduction to UX Academy

UX Academy was an initiative founded by Graphic Mint in 2015. The goal of UX Academy was to refresh design education by bridging the gap between UX Design training and industry. We provided hands-on training in Usability Testing, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design. In 2018 UX Academy services became evolved into ProductStrategy.ie – to specialise in in-house training for research, design and strategy.

We organised design workshops, courses and conferences facilitated by industry-leading designers including:

  • Brenda Laurel
  • Jon Kolko
  • Dave Malouf
  • Benjamin Keyser
  • Deryck Fay
  • Siobhan Hennessy
  • Dermot Casey

sharing expert research and design knowledge to educate academics and professionals.

UX Academy Event Highlights

Here are some of our favourite education and training events.

Sep 2017: Agile UX: 1-Day Workshop

UX Design enhances the user experience of a product or service through making informed decisions about navigation and design. Our 1-day Agile UX Workshop was a collaborative gathering of individuals who, together learned the practical techniques of User-Centered Design (UCD). Our students discovered how to highlight pain points in their product or services, and about the tools to improve these areas thoroughly and efficiently.

July 2017: Design Strategy Workshop

Dave Malouf delivered his workshop ‘Climbing Strategy Mountain’, based on his eBook The Guide to UX Leadership.

Dave Malouf’s workshop focused on empowering teams to achieve company goals in record time. This Guide to Design Leadership gave our students the tools to build a concrete framework for strategic success that put their career on an upward trajectory.

Dave Malouf delivered this in a sold out Interaction 17 workshop setting, receiving great feedback from managers and team leaders alike. This was the first opportunity to see Dave Malouf live in Europe.

Feb 2017: Practical User Experience (UX) Course

This 4-week evening course covered the practical techniques of User-Centred Design (UCD) which gave our students the knowledge to improve their website lead traffic and highlight digital product problem areas that they could improve on immediately. We demonstrated the fundamentals of User Experience and how they could apply these techniques to roles such as digital marketing, product design and software development.

Sep 2016: Mobile UI Prototyping Course

Sketch and InVision are a powerful pairing that allow you to create high-fidelity interactive prototypes.This course covered the basics of Sketch and concluded with a live testing of the prototypes on mobile devices using InVision.

May 2016: User Experience for Business Workshop

In this workshop we covered the utilisation of user research in creating great UX design, the isolation of problem areas through sketching, and how to strategically map the best experience for your users and customers. We began with the basics, and then applied this knowledge to real-life case studies. Ultimately giving our attendees the tools to break down complex journeys to get the most out of their digital products and services.

May 2015: Captivate CX Masterclass

During this two hour working session, individuals heard from professionals with deep experience in this area which helped them understand how to plan for and manage an ongoing customer experience engagement. This helped them achieve increased customer satisfaction and deliver commercial objectives.

The Purpose of UX Academy

The overall purpose of UX Academy was to Develop an understanding of the key UX Design principles, Gain a perspective on how your users see your products or services and learn to communicate ideas and concepts across multiple departments more effectively

Here at Graphic Mint we still provide UX Training through our new initiative ProductStrategy.ie

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