User Pain Points and Research

This is the first of three new User Experience Solutions articles from the Graphic Mint studio. In these short articles we revisit important design terms and practices from our recent demo reel. This article focuses on ‘People’ and gives a brief overview of how User painpoints with digital software products are solved by conducting expert User Research.

User Painpoints

If a product or service does not meet the needs of its Users, the flaws in its design are referred to as User painpoints. These painpoints are the result of usability issues which cause User complaints and User frustration. These usability issues can occur when messaging is unclear, interfaces are unintuitive or tasks can not be completed with ease.

When people respond to usability issues by making User complaints, they are directed not only to the product owners but other Users. In turn many people who experience frustration with digital products are not met with adequate resources to resolve their issues. All of these reactions negatively affect the perceptions of current and potential Users, reducing the product’s appeal and rates of User adoption.

User Research

In order to resolve user painpoints, the underlying usability issues must be identified through User Research. Usability Testing is an effective method as it involves analysing real User behaviour in context. An e-commerce website may have low sales, for example. Through Usability Testing they may discover search function is unintuitive.

User interviews and focus groups unearth painpoints through stimulating User dialogue and extracting important feedback. All User Research findings are analysed by UX experts to produce usability reports and visualisation documents. From here behavioural patterns will emerge around key problems, enabling the UX designers to identify and resolve usability issues.

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Case Study

Trinity College Dublin | Connecting Scholarship and Research

Our portfolio includes a homepage redesign for the Trinity College Dublin Library.

This project involved a combination of usability testing and user experience services.


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