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Tourism Ireland is an all-island body responsible for marketing the island of Ireland around the world as a destination for businesses and tourists. It was set up under the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement of 1998 and is responsible to the Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport in Ireland. In 2014 over 8.4 million overseas visitors came to all of Ireland.

The Challenge

Tourism Ireland underwent a rebrand and website redesign in 2015. This needed to be reflected in other branding collateral which is sent out globally to promote Ireland. Graphic Mint was tasked with redesigning the e-zine template used by Tourism Ireland.

The Process

Graphic Mint adopted an approach that fulfilled a number of requirements. One Design was not sufficient to meet all of the needs of Tourism Ireland. Instead a suite of templates was required. Furthermore Graphic Mint had to ensure that the e-zines could be viewed and read on a variety of different viewports and screen-sizes. This was essential in order to provide a good User Experience (UX) and to maximise the potential of these e-zines. Branding and brand consistency was an essential part of the process too and informed many of the decisions taken.

The Result

The new suite of templates impact Tourism Ireland’s 20 markets worldwide, providing responsive Digital Marketing access across many viewports and platforms. Graphic Mint ensures the interactive and visual designs are scalable and adaptable to international styles as well as content requirements in order to deliver the highest standards of UX to Tourism Ireland’s stakeholders and customers alike.

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