Customer Experience and Service Design

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Successful businesses are defined by the Customer Experience (CX) they offer. This applies both offline and online. Understanding your customer ensures you offer them the best User Experience (UX). This encourages loyalty and retention.

Graphic Mint offer the full range of Customer Experience (CX) services to elevate your company to the next level. We follow the principles of User-Centred Design to ensure your customer needs are met. Following the best UX principles we offer three main CX services.

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Customer Personas

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Journey Mapping

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Service Design

Customer Personas

How well do you know your customer? To give the best Customer Experience you need to know who your customer is. Customer Personas are a great tool to do this. Graphic Mint can work with you to find out who you are selling your product or service to. We use techniques such as Empathy Mapping and User Research to do this. Customer Personas ensure every decision you take is targeted towards your actual customers needs.

Journey Mapping

Do you understand the journey your customer goes on when they use your service? Through workshops and User Research, Graphic Mint creates Customer Journey Maps.  These show the journey your customer takes, whether online or in the real world, with your product. Understanding the flow of this journey is key to converting your customers to long-term brand advocates. This visual representation will make sure you put the Customer Experience at the forefront of every Design decision.

Service Design

Do you have a good overview of the service you are providing from end-to-end? With our Service Design offering we conduct workshops to get a full understanding of what interactions Users have with your service. From this we create a Service Blueprint which visually represents the different touch-points and interactions experienced by the provider and User of the service.

What Clients Say

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“Graphic Mint understood our complex processes and played them back to us in a simple, creative way that’s helping us identify where we can improve our service to our customers”

Anna Halpin, Marketing Development Manager

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