Running a Service Design Workshop

Service Design workshops are a valuable tool for understanding how your customers feel about your company and shedding light on problematic customer interactions–particularly those that are not always apparent to the naked internal “stakeholder” eye.

This helps to confirm that your business delivers on its claims, while making customers happier and providing for a pleasantly memorable customer experience. Workshops don’t have to be heavily protracted, lengthy, daunting and costly.

They can be arranged into anything from mini-stakeholder service design scrum sessions to tackle obvious problem areas that need immediate attention, to larger onsite and customer-facing interviews or focus groups.

What Happens in a Service Design Workshop?

We use pencils, markers, post-its, paper and flat surfaces to encourage uninhibited reactions and foster uncensored responses. We then dig through the clutter to isolate and capture the key nuggets and deep-dive into critical, problem areas.

The results from these workshops provide a great deal of insight and could put your business, service offering, product or brand experience back on track.

Deliverables from Service Design Workshops often include Service Design Blueprints, Customer Experience Journey Maps, Ecosystem Maps, Customer TouchPoint Analysis Charts, Systems and Environment Flowcharts and Service Standards Manuals.

Need to find out more about Service Design Workshops? Get in touch, give us a ring (+35314788444) or better yet (if you’re around and have time for a cuppa), drop by our new central location and we can walk you through our process. We would love to wear our markers out!

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