Medxnote: Modernising Medical Communications

The Client

Medxnote is an app designed to allow for secure communication between medical professionals in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. It was designed to replace unsecure communication channels such as text messaging and outdated pager technology. Not only does it provide secure communication but also provides enterprise support and full audit trail security.

The Challenge

Medxnote wanted to improve the onboarding experience for over 10,000 healthcare Users. It was necessary that the app provided the least amount of friction for Users as well as for the hospital where they worked. The app has the capability of sending messages on one-to-one and one-to-group basis in a secure manner (being HIPPA compliant). It also has the capability of sending different message types on both mobile and desktop platforms. All of these requirements and priorities had to be considered in Design process.

The Process

Graphic Mint started the project by conducting in-depth workshops to determine the focus and functionality of the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). These were conducted key stakeholders to ensure all requirements and needs were addressed. They also helped ensure the highest standards of Usability, Interaction and Visual Design were achieved in the project. Following the workshops, Graphic Mint conducted an Expert Review and Heuristics Evaluation which prioritised issues and identified possible solutions in detailed UX documentation. This included low-fidelity wireframing, User-flow diagramming and Visual Design mockups.

The Result

The Expert Review and associated deliverables have enabled Medxnote to create a solid strategy for the future of their digital product. The information and suggestions provided ensures User’s needs are met, as well as those of the hospitals and the business. The safe and secure messaging system ensures healthcare workers can communicate efficiently, securely and quickly as they go about their important work.

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