How Can UX Benefit You and Your Business?

Do you have a great digital product but somehow it isn’t translating into sales? Is your application missing a little something and you can’t put your finger on it? Do you get a lot of customer service queries associated with your app that are draining your budgets?

Often the most amazing ideas are just that – amazing ideas that remain stagnant and fail to translate customer or user’s goals, needs and wants into tangible business propositions that help companies, applications and digital products thrive.

From start-ups to established multinational companies, the UX toolkit is an essential piece of the puzzle that can help clarify and provide an avenue to help determine where things may have gone wrong in your product’s design or development process.

User Experience (UX) Design

Graphic Mint design and develop User Experience (UX) solutions for interactive digital products and services. We translate requirements gathered from user research, statistical analysis and usability testing into design improvements to the User Interface (UI) or service.

We are thought leaders in UX Design, not only designing for use but hosting workshops and conferences at home and abroad. This includes the first ever UX Ireland this November 2016, the conference for UX, User Research, and User Interface (UI) Design communities in Ireland. We support product and development teams of all abilities for a professional and enjoyable collaborative process.

UX Design Services

User Research

Our mix of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods include interviewing users, observing their behaviour while interacting with your product or service, researching the user’s environment and context, and analysing metric data.


Our findings from research are transformed into a story-world by creating an array of actionable and inspiring documents and charts about the user and their context. These include user personas, scenarios, task-analyses, ecosystem visualisations, touch-point maps and customer life-cycles.

Interaction Design

We design the structure, behaviour and flow of technology by utilising a range of ideation methods and iterative rounds of low-to-high fidelity prototyping techniques including sketching, card sorting, wire-framing, storyboarding, designing the box, html and flash

Low-Fidelity Prototyping

Confidently visualise and affirm the characteristics and information structures of your digital product, bringing your final concept from ideation to development. We offer iterative rounds of simple prototypes such as paper sketches, whiteboard diagrams, designing the box and card sorting.

High-Fidelity Prototyping

Identify and resolve usability issues before implementation begins with cycles of high-fidelity prototyping techniques for end-to-end designs. Our refined models of the User Interface (UI) offer in-depth analysis of each feature, including interactive and non-interactive wireframing, storyboarding, HTML and Flash.


Benefit from studio workshops on user experience, customer experience and product management. The Graphic Mint team are seasoned workshop facilitators with a track record of using directed collaboration to gather requirements, build team consensus and solve problems.

UX Design Benefits

  • Software applications, digital products and online services at all stages of maturity and from all industries benefit from User Experience (UX) Design.
  • Investing in UX Design improves standardisation and consistency of your User Interface (UI) across many viewports (screens) and devices.
  • User Experience ensures users are provided with the best possible features and functionality and the product is easy to use and understand.
  • Researching user behaviour and expectation guarantees the needs of the end user are continually addressed throughout the development cycle.
  • User research also observes and examines the high-level goals of the end user in the context and environment of how and where the product or service is used.
  • UX Design ensures digital products and services are of the highest standards. This increases sales, user adoption and user satisfaction, avoiding costly redesigns in future.
  • Professional UX Design ensures your digital product or service is priced and marketed competitively, as users assign more value to high quality experiences.
  • Prototyping is an essential part of User Experience (UX) Design to model and visualise many user paths, choices and interactions with the product or service.
  • Collaborative workshops about design and development help, product and c-level teams, to align business goals and the finished product with user expectation.
  • Documents created in User Experience (UX) research communicate key design information to the product management and development team regardless of previous experience with the project.

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