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One of the most common mistakes design teams make is rushing a product to market before testing on users. Sure, the whole internal team understand the product inside out, how could your users not? Quite easily actually. It’s a simple mistake to make, and one that we have all made in the past, but testing on real users can save you both time, money, and heartache in the long run.

With the new craze of agile development running through the design industry this problem is becoming even more exacerbated. Teams are suddenly being told they have 5 working days to turn around and implement new solutions. How could anyone manage to fit testing into that timespan? Doesn’t usability testing take months? No.

The simple answer is that as much as our development process has changed to move quicker and faster in response times, testing methods have also been created to fit nicely into the mix of all this. Testing methods such as Rapid Prototyping and Paper Prototyping allow design teams to quickly test out their new designs on real users. This gives you the ability to gain real insights into your users and how they interact with your new phase of designs before launching. Below we will take you through the testing services offered by Graphic Mint, and the tremendous benefits they can bring to your team’s design.

Usability Testing

Graphic Mint conduct Usability Testing in our lab, at your location, or remotely on websites, apps and software with real users. We recruit participants, write usability test scripts and insightful usability reports to measure the value of User Experiences (UX) with your digital products.

Our Usability Testing reports ensure your design strategy is fully optimised to meet user expectations by unearthing patterns and phenomena around positive features, pain points, bugs, virtual dead-ends and user requests.

Usability Testing Services


Conduct Usability Testing at our lab, your location, off-site or remotely. We have the software and skills to adapt to any testing environment with consistent results.


Ensure your results reflect accurate results from real end-users. We recruit participants for testing based on key demographic research around your product, brand and existing users.


Assess those features of your digital product which are most unresolved, recently developed or of most importance to internal teams.

Testing Scripts

Formally examine user behaviour on these specific points, as well as general usability. Our content team intuit these key areas and integrate tasks to assess your development goals when writing testing scripts.

Tracking Software

Track the user’s mouse movements and visual attention across the skin of your digital product. We attain a thorough understanding of how presentable and readable your User Interface (UI) appears to users.

User Interface (UI)

Verify that all buttons, menus and features of your User Interface (UI) are self representative. We combine information from tracking software and user tasks to assess the visual cues of the User Interface (UI).

Information Architecture

Examine the effectiveness of your information architecture by facilitating users to complete certain tasks. We assess the user’s journey through tabs, menus and pages of your User Interface (UI) to ensure the navigation presents information accurately and easily.

Indirect Feedback

Benefit from the recording of indirect user feedback when interacting with your product. We translate patterns of confusion, hesitation and difficulty amongst users completing tasks into usability reports.

Direct Feedback

Benefit from feedback unearthed in user dialogue during testing. We find testing a prime environment for users to engage in conversation with the tester, voicing their true opinions and suggestions.

Patterns and Phenomena

Learn from the range of patterns and phenomena presented in Usability Testing reports. We distinguish between those usability issues which present repetitively and in singular instances.

Usability Report

Inform the future development of your digital product with a concise, informative usability report. We write usability reports covering the full spectrum of user behaviour witnessed in the testing process, including expert suggestions from the Graphic Mint User Experience (UX) team.

Usability Testing Benefits

  • Usability Testing presents a unique opportunity to learn what your customers are using your digital product for and how they genuinely feel about it.
  • Demographic results allow you develop your product toward users who are actually using your digital product.
  • Patterns and phenomena clarify and validate designs before they are built, thus saving on development costs.
  • Resolved usability issues ensure your final implementation is received with a positive user response.
  • Team consensus is built around design and development decisions with clear evidence of usability patterns.
  • Priority is appropriately assigned to specific features and functions with Usability Testing data to work toward development deadlines and business expectations.
  • Usability issues highlighted in a specific interface often reveal tangible usability issues in brand image, associated products, services and websites. We formulate expert recommendations to address these issues in future, incremental developments to your product.

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