World Usability Day

Caitilin Kane

Content Strategist

World Usability Day is an annual event that educates and encourages design for the needs of Users. It started in America in 2005, but twelve years later it has grown into an international celebration marked by events all around the world. The founders believed that “a humanistic approach to technology development”, or User-Centred Design (UCD), could help to steer the world in a positive direction.



One of the key tools of UCD is Usability Testing. It enables you to understand what your Users need, not what you think they need. It’s important for designers to have a continuous conversation with Users throughout the entire creative process. By doing so, potential pain-points can be resolved at an earlier stage of the product lifecycle, and will more likely have better adoption rates.

As part of World Usability Day, Graphic Mint is holding a free Usability Testing Open House on 09 November, 3-6pm in our Dublin Studio. Attending our Open House will allow you to test your product and get User Feedback.

Learn more about the Usability Testing Services packages that we offer.