Upskill into UX in 2017

Karyn Corrigan

Content Strategist

Thinking of trying your hand in the User Experience (UX) industry? If you are currently employed as a developer, graphic designer, digital marketer or content creator this can be easier than you think. Why? Because you are already familiar with much of the terminology used in the industry and you have had experience in projects that have some elements of UX in it already.



But why make the move to something you are unfamiliar with? To be part of a successful forward focused company that you can grow with. The Design Management Institute did a performance study over ten years which seen design focused companies outperform the S&P index by a huge 228%. This shows that being design focused and part of a company that is customer-centric can equal a more successful career and better work environment, due to the prosperity of the company.

But what exactly is UX Design? UX is a customer-centric approach to product design (whether your product is a website, app, software or a physical product). Through immersive  evaluation of how a customer interacts and feels about a website/app, a UX designer can start to improve layouts, navigation and tone to make is more user-friendly and intuitive. UX design brings empirical evidence into the decision-making process so companies can make informed decisions rather than designing websites that just look ‘awesome’.

So how can you make the move into UX Design? It’s simple, a short UX Course to fill the gaps that you have. There are many courses available across Ireland and offered online that will give you the knowledge that you need to make the leap into UX, check out our blog post on UX Design Courses in Ireland for more information. Finding the right course for you could entail a bit of research but Dublin (and Ireland) have a lot of resources, like Dublin UX and IxDA Dublin to point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, Graphic Mint’s education initiative UX Academy is holding a 4-week crash course in UX which will acquaint participants with all things UX. The course, Practical UX, will cover the principles and practical techniques of User-Centred Design (UCD). Held each Wednesday at the Irish Times Building, Dublin participants will get a real feel for what UX is and how a career in this field would feel with practical activities. The course is led by Séamus Byrne who has over 15 years experience working in UX, delivering similar courses to multinational companies across Europe and North America. For more information on this course check out our event page.