UX Podcast – Thomas Wendt

Michael Kraus

Marketing Intern

While at Interaction Week 18 in Lyon, France Graphic Mint’s Director of User Experience, Séamus Byrne, was fortunate to sit down and talk to Thomas Wendt, one of the event speakers. Thomas discusses his second book  “Persistent Fools: Cunning Intelligence and the Politics of Design”, which was also the basis of his talk, as well as how he became an author and whether we can design experiences.

Interaction18 speaker Thomas Wendt podcast

Thomas Wendt

Thomas Wendt is an independent Design strategist, author, facilitator, activist, educator, and speaker based in New York City. His client work is focused on building sustainable human-centred Design capabilities through workshops, training programs, and coaching, along with projects encompassing early stage Design Research, Co-Design, and Service Design. He has written two books to date, called “Design for Dasein: Understanding the Design of Experiences” and “Persistent Fools: Cunning Intelligence and the Politics of Design”. You can learn more about him and what he is up to at his website Surrounding Signifiers.

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