Space Alert Board Game Review

Julian Becerra

Director of Digital Strategy

Conceptually, if you’re into Sci-fi and like boardgames, this game is for you!


What is Space Alert gameplay like?

  • Cool, interactive environment requiring a lot of strategic planning per session. Sessions or missions are timed and dictated via digital narrator, a prompt (CD) simulating the machine aboard the spaceship giving the game a more immersive experience. The time factor makes the game especially addictive and the various unforeseen twists and turns thrown in though the use of cards and enemy attacks makes this an exciting overall game experience.

What is the theme of the game?

  • It is a team survival game and players  take on the role of a crew of space explorers sent out through hyperspace to survey a dangerous sector of the Galaxy.

What is the goal of the game?

  • The crew’s task is to defend the ship until the mission is complete. If they succeed, the ship brings back valuable data. If they fail…it is time to train a new crew.

How do you win the game?

  • A designated communications officer and spaceship captain are selected at the beginning of the game. Cooperation is critical for survival as this minimises damage to the ship , as is strategic planning, thinking on your feet, cooperation and teamwork. Energy source and being in the right place at the right time are key factors for success.

What are the game pieces like?

  • The game pieces are very much on theme especially the CD / machine component with command instructions from the ship, an intricate board game depicting the spaceship, energy sources in the form of fluorescent cubes in green, yellow and red, as well as several sets of cards with images of attacking enemy ships with pieces of information that continuously add unexpected twits and turns to the game, attempting to throw the planning and strategy off.

What is not so good about the game?

  • The game set up can be long and somewhat complicated as it has many moving parts, a few series of cards, characters, and pieces.  The Rule Book and Instruction manual is wordy, cumbersome and copy is a bit small for reading. Perhaps a jumpstart shortcut version came be developed, since it can take up to two hours to get the first move going on the first game!