Our Rebrand: Logo & Typography

Katie McNeice

Content Strategist

Part 1 of 2 


At Graphic Mint we’re all about crafting journeys and managing the story of those journeys for real people, in a meaningful way. 2015 was an adventure for us as a studio and we are marking our path into 2016 with a brand new logo to reflect where we’re headed as a company. Let’s talk to our Directors Julian and Séamus about the growth of Graphic Mint and what the refreshing brand redesign means to them.

Let’s Talk Logos

How exactly has the logo changed visually, since the beginning?

Julian: The Graphic Mint logo has evolved dramatically from its first inception to where it is now, from highly stylised typography and hidden symbolism to the clean and simple approach we have today. The new Graphic Mint logotype is moving with the current flat design trends, while still carrying the existing brand equity. This is carried through with the colouring scheme and with the use of symbolism with the mint leaf itself. This refreshing symbolism is something that has been evident in the mark for quite a few years now.

The new logo is made up of a few elements:

  • Graphic Mint Logotype
  • Dynamic Mint Leaf
  • Flowing Veins
  • Logotype Signature

The flowing veins of the new leaf are an added flare that we didn’t have before. It further positions the brand redesign as a leading User Experience Design studio in Dublin; providing a fresh, innovative and deliverable-focused approach to our work. The colour has changed slightly as well. We have updated the purple and green for a brighter, friendlier and more appealing tone.

What about typography?

Julian: Typographically speaking, the new logo is very clean and the humanist sans-serif typeface is much easier to consume, with upper and lower case characters as opposed to all-caps. It is important that the Graphic Mint brand is easy to read and understand by the general public as it is at the forefront of our communications and it is the unique identifier of the company. Our aim was also to convey a welcoming, refreshing, highly-skilled, and professional image, which is in keeping with the vision that Graphic Mint has upheld since its very humble beginnings in the mid 2000s.

The Brand Evolution

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