Speaking to the Future: OFFSET Dublin 2018

Aoife Burke


Another great weekend of Design inspiration and creativity has just passed with OFFSET Dublin 2018. The annual three day event was held in the heart of Dublin’s Silicon Docks at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. Over 2,500 people attended who listened to world-class speakers talk on a variety of subjects. As usual Graphic Mint was there and here are our three favourite talks from the event which we found inspirational.

Richard Brim

Richard Brim works as an executive creative director at adam&eveDDB in London. He spoke at OFFSET Dublin 2018 about some of the advertising campaigns the agency has worked on. A lot of these are well known and quite impressive. An example of his work includes the John Lewis Christmas ad (which we all look forward to each year) from 2016 with Buster the dog.

An example which highlights the diversity and creativity of his work is a campaign for the Harvey Nichols department store. This used real life footage of people shoplifting. In order to protect their identity they illustrated masks in place of their faces. The slogan of the campaign was “Love freebies? Get them legally”. By using the resources the company already had, an impactful ad campaign was created. A key takeaway from his talk was that he encouraged the ideation process and said that silly ideas that get declined also become the best ideas.

Aoife Dooley

Aoife Dooley is a freelance illustrator and comedian. She discussed how daunting it was to enter the creative world as a student. When she completed college she wanted to go straight into a career but it was difficult to find a job. Instead she decided to promote her work on Facebook which greatly increased her exposure. This resulted in her writing the best-selling book “How to be Massive” which is now being developed into a TV programme. Aoife shared some great insight for students who are nearing the end of their studies and who may be worried about how their own creative process will fit into the creative industry. A key takeaway from her talk was not to be afraid to do what you love, and not to be afraid to challenge yourself. “Agree to things you can’t do and push yourself to do them anyway”.

Peter Donnelly, one of the many speakers who presented at OFFSET Dublin 2018

Nora Twomey

We are firm believers in storytelling at Graphic Mint, and Nora Twomey’s talk was one which really resonated with us. She is a co-founder of the Academy Award nominated Cartoon Saloon. Nora discussed the approaches they used to ensure they created the most authentic story possible in their latest animated movie, ‘The Breadwinner’. By talking to people who have been through such experiences as their main character, Parvana, they could best communicate the hardships that are a reality for most. She went in-depth about connections they made not only with the characters for the movie but also with different animation studios. Working with these other studios meant they could best combine their skills and create a great piece of thought provoking animation. Nora’s talk emphasised the possibilities that come from collaboration, and how to tell good stories.

OFFSET Dublin 2018

The above are just three of the speakers that we at Graphic Mint really enjoyed listening to. They provided some great insights and presented some very thought-provoking ideas. These are ideas we can use in our own everyday Design process. However this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what was discussed over the three days. OFFSET Dublin 2018 had many, many brilliant presenters who spoke on varied topics that inspired and educated.

If there was two themes that we took away from OFFSET Dublin 2018 it was to make the most of everything by throwing yourself in the deep end, and if you don’t ask you won’t get. Advice we can all benefit from. See you at OFFSET Dublin 2019!