New And Emerging Design Trends

Sarah Doyle


2019 is upon us and no doubt will be a great year for Design. There will be many new exciting Design trends we will need to learn and will have to incorporate into our projects going forward. But what did we learn in 2018 and how will that influence what happens in 2019? We went around the studio in Graphic Mint and asked everyone what their favourite Design trends were in 2018. Here are a few of our favourites.

Illustration representing the change in Design Trends from 2018 to 2019

Our Favourite 2018 Design Trends

2018 was a year of change with a lot happening. It took some time but we at Graphic Mint were able to narrow down all the different Design trends to our top 4.

Designing For Time

People have started to realise how unhealthy it is to stare at screens for long periods of time. Also they have become aware of the effects of screen addiction. Companies are responding to this by designing healthier experiences for the User. This is seen through the introduction of new features and apps, such as “Snooze notifications” “Digital Detox with apps” and “Do Not Disturb on IOS”, that allow Users to control their screen time.  Although these seem like relatively small changes, they actually have a huge impact and make the User mindful of how much time they spend staring at a screen. Users appreciate Designs that meet their needs but also respect their time and give them time back. This will be something carried on into 2019

Adding Depth Into Flat Design

Just like movies have adopted 3D technology on a large scale, the same is happening to Flat Design through the addition of depth. Adding depth creates the appearance of a 3-D space that almost looks true to real life. Some purists may not agree with it, but depth has proven it can live within Flat Design, improving Usability and simplicity. We have already begun to see subtle shadows being added to illustrations and iconography. Going forward adding depth will become more and more common.

Responsive Logos

Responsive Design has been around for years now and with the revolution of smart devices, responsive logos have become increasingly important. Like page layouts, logos have had to become more responsive to their environment. It is now a ‘must’. Responsive logos are shape-shifting logos that change in size, state or even colour to adapt to wherever they are placed. Brand consistency is important, and even though they change, the logo for the brand is still recognisable. This is something that will probably become far more commonplace in 2019.

Advanced Personalisation

In the last few years our experiences with phones have become more personalised. For example, apps utilise the location settings on our devices to help provide content relevant to the User’s current location. This can include information such as restaurant recommendations, real-time transport updates or even for dating. Apps also use personalisation for what is advertised to the User. The next stage in all of this personalisation will be adapting the User Interface layout specifically for the User. This can be achieved by utilising the information already provided by the User and by using device sensors. This will create a much more personal experience, one that is both different but the same for the different Users.

What Will 2019 Bring?

These are some of the trends we noticed in 2018 which will influence Design going forward. The big question is – what will be the new Design trends in 2019? Artificial intelligence and machine learning will no doubt become more common but how do we Design for that? Accessibility and designing for everyone could become a big challenge, as recently seen in the update to WordPress. What role will voice recognition technology play in designing the User Interface? These are just some of the possibilities 2019 has in store.

Whatever happens, we at Graphic Mint look forward to what has to come in 2019.