Luas UI Location Error

Séamus Byrne

Director of User Experience

While I was waiting for the Luas last night, I noticed a User Interface discrepancy on the Red Line Route Map.

Graphic Mint default image placeholder

I know that in reality the order of Luas Stops in Docklands is as follows:

George’s Dock > Mayor Square -NCI > Spencer Dock > The Point

This is represented accurately on the Luas printed signage map on the top of the Kiosk (Pic 1).

However, the User Interface version of the Route Map mistakenly presents the order of Docklands Luas stops, incorrectly mixing up the order of Spencer Dock and Mayor Square (Pic 2)

George’s Dock > Spencer Dock > Mayor Square -NCI > The Point

Its difficult to believe that someone at Luas hasn’t noticed this error.

Moral of the story – When you update a user interface make sure to get multiple people to proof the content.