Homelight by Graphic Mint

Sarah Doyle


Homelight is an app prototype to help homeless families find a home. It’s a pro bono project that we at Graphic Mint have spent the last 9 months designing. Homeless families in Ireland are having difficulties navigating and communicating with the current accommodation support system. People find it hard to reach or use, and are left in the dark about their application progress. Homelight aims to provide these families with access to the services they need to exit homelessness through their smartphone.

Illustration representing homeless people looking for homes

Our Vision

We endeavour to engage in resolving the growing problem of homelessness in Ireland with Homelight. Its aim is to make registration as homeless and the process of requesting accommodation services simpler for all involved. Our research discovered that a lot of people who are made homeless are unfamiliar with the support systems, but do have access to a smartphone. Homelight addresses this problem by allowing users to apply for accommodation through the app.

Human-centred, empathic design can be an agent of change and help shed a light on the inequalities in our world. Homelight hopes to be a catalyst to transform systems and services for good.

How Does It Work?

So how does Homelight work? After downloading the app, the user creates an account, registers as homeless, and chooses the type of assistance they need:

  • A Bed for the Night
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Social Housing

In the scenario that the user is applying for emergency accommodation. Homelight asks for the necessary details:

  • their name
  • a photograph of their passport
  • a photograph of themselves to verify their identity

After confirming the details, the user must wait a few hours before being notified of their accommodation result. The app provides the location and details of the accommodation as well. When users apply for Temporary Accommodation and Social Housing, they will go through a similar process. It also provides updates to the user showing them where they are in the application process.

Illustration representing the Homelight process for homeless people

Benefits of Homelight

Homelight aims to improve the existing services by consolidating them into one portal.

Simplifies Process

Through consolidating the many accommodation services into one app, Homelight makes it easier for users to apply for accommodation and progress further to permanent housing.

Provides Guidance

The Homelight app guides users through each step of the application for accommodation. It helps users understand and request housing services best suited to their immediate needs.

Empowers Users

Homelight gives more agency to the user and removes barriers and limits placed on people during the accommodation application process.

Do You Want To Support Us?

We are looking to make the Homelight into a reality.

Can you help? We are looking for:

  • Developers to assist in bringing our prototype into a working application
  • People who can work to help implement our app into the current Government system
  • Feedback from those who have dealt with homelessness or are still dealing with homelessness
  • Anyone who is interested in bringing the app to fruition.

If any of these sound like you, then please contact us today.