Graphic Mint Sponsor Interaction13

Julian Becerra

Director of Digital Strategy

Toronto is Canada’s largest center for design, and was the IxDA community’s meeting point for its 6th annual Interaction conference and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Interaction Design Association.


The Graphic Mint team had the pleasure of not only attending the conference and the festivities, but also sponsor the event by mentoring several aspects of the planning and design, while bridging knowledge from Interaction 12 to Interaction 13.  We had a very enjoyable time at the Interaction 13 Conference in Toronto but are also looking forward for what Interaction 14 has to offer back again in Europe, this time in Amsterdam.

Interaction13 Keynote speaker

The theme of the Interaction 13 conference: Social Impact and Social Innovation was right up our alley, and very much in line with our company’s values and vision. The aim of the theme was to encourage Interaction Designers to think beyond the application, the product, and make an impact on the social fabric of community, organisation, and society.

Members of the Graphic Mint team have been continuously involved with various NGO’s nationally and internationally, including the IxDA since 2007. We are proud of our continued contributions to help make our communities, organisations and societies a bit more user-centred one step at a time.