Graphic Mint Presents “Minty The Musical”

Daniel Coxon


After a decade of minty fresh UX Design we decided it was time to try new outlets for our creativity. C. JoyBell C. once wisely said, “The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change”. With that in mind we decided our talents could be best used on the stage, and therefore we have developed our own musical. Taking inspiration from our brand, while staying innovative and fresh, we present to the world: Minty The Musical!

Banner for Minty the Musical

Minty The Musical

Minty the Musical is the inspiring story of Minty, a mint leaf who wanted to grow beyond his limitations. A mint leaf that felt he was destined for something important, something inspiring and something fresh. Leaving behind the green fields of home, Minty set out to make it big in the city. There he finds hope, love, challenges and what it truly means to be a mint leaf in the modern world. Minty discovers all of this through the power of song.

Early reviews have described this as the “musical of a generation”, the “greenest show on Broadway since Wicked” and one that will “take your breath away”. Audiences will leave the theatre humming the musical numbers until at least Easter. The full song list of soon to be modern-classics:

Act 1:

“Let Me Be Your Minty”

“Minty’s Turn”

“Defying Minty”

“The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Minty”

“The Minty of the Night”

Act 2:

“A Whole New Minty”

“Beauty and the Minty”

“As if Minty Never Said Goodbye”

“Don’t Cry For Me, Minty”

“Thank You For the Minty”

We hope to see you at a show on the 1st April!