Our New Website & Blog Launch

Séamus Byrne

Director of User Experience

Finally, after months of over, under and just right designing we are launching the new Graphic Mint Website and Graphic Mind Blog!


A Web Design company’s own website is often the most difficult task to finish. Firstly, there is the “Cobbler’s Children” factor.  The tale goes that the cobbler’s children have the worst footwear of the village, due to the ever-busy cobbler making shoes for the entire community thus having no time to tend to his own kids shoe requirements. Secondly, designers being designers, set very high bars for their own shopfront, often resulting in over-designing, followed by under-designing, leading to ad infinitum concept and design calibration, until every box has been opened, its contents spread out across a rugby pitch, individually forensically analysed, then hand thatched back contextually together into the pure essence of their entirety – or something!

You know when a design is finished when you feel its time to walk away, satisfied with the amount of ideas that you have juggled over time and when everything seems to have slotted into the right place.

Thanks to Julian and Mario for all their dedication, inspiration, creativity and hard work. I am so glad we abandoned the Graphic Mint Island concept 🙂

Modern websites are in a perpetual state of beta, but for this version (2.0) we are delighted to cut the cord and launch the ship. Bless all those that sail with her.

Pop open the champers!