Graphic Mint to launch Cocktail Bar

Seán Darling

Junior UX Designer

Having helped clients improve their customers’ experiences for many years, Graphic Mint have today announced a new venture, one which will see them tackle the world of the drinks industry.  



Following the 2014 launch of their UX Design-led tattoo parlour in the heart of Dublin, Graphic Mint are now hoping to successfully launch their own cocktail bar.

“We’ve always felt that UX design can help improve every part of our lives, and that includes your Friday evening drinks with colleagues. Who wouldn’t want to have a UX designer behind the bar?” – Mr Seamus Byrne, Director of User Experience

Utilising techniques such as journey mapping the bar has seen a redesign of the entire user experience.

“We’re hoping to have Donald Norman over for the opening event… he’s yet to respond.”

Among the signature drinks on offer will be the “Graphic Mint Mojito”, using locally sourced mint leaves. Rest assured however that Graphic Mint’s Design Studio will remain business as usual.