Graphic Mint Academy: Bridging the UX Skills Gap

Mary Nolan

UX Researcher

The ancient city walls of Dublin at Wood Quay Venue were the location for the sell-out Graphic Mint Academy: User Experience (UX) For Business workshop last Friday, 20 May. Speakers included our very own Séamus Byrne, Director of UX and Julian Becerra, Director of Digital Strategy, as well as guest speaker Deryk Fay, Business Analyst. The workshop participants came from a wide range of businesses and organisations from dynamic start-ups to large corporations, all keen to learn the skills required to create great User Experiences for their clients.


The event kicked-off with an overview of UX in Ireland and beyond in which Séamus highlighted the increasing gap between the skills that traditional academia imparted to their graduates and the diverse skillset required for UX success in industry.

“The Bridge Is Broken ”

The Graphic Mint Academy aim to start bridging that gap. Throughout a very full day, participants engaged in hands-on, creative and interactive learning activities. The first workshop addressed current best practice in user research techniques including research planning, user interviews, empathy mapping and prioritising users needs. This was followed by a workshop in sketching for visualisation from storyboarding a design concept through to prototyping. The final workshop of the day explored defining the customer journey.

Feedback from participants has already been very positive and Graphic Mint Academy are looking forward to hosting more UX workshops and events later this year. Future events include a Prototyping workshop in September and a major UX conference, UX Ireland (, co-hosted by Graphic Mint on 10 -11 November 2016.