Graphic Mint 2018 Highlights

Tobias Michaely


2018 was another year full of experiences and growth for Graphic Mint. We worked with some amazing clients – both old and new. We were thrilled to win a Spider Award for Homelight, our conceptual app designed to help families who find themselves homeless. Finally, this year was also our 10th anniversary which we marked by sponsoring Defuse. Have a look back with us on an eventful year.

Illustration representing the 2018 Highlights for Graphic Mint

10 Years of Innovative UX Design

In 2008 Graphic Mint was founded and we have done 10 years of innovative work in User Experience (UX) Design. We decided to mark the occasion this year in a number of ways.

Graphic Mint 5.0

We started 2018 with a new look website – our fifth incarnation, if you will. In this blog post we discussed the process we went through for the redesign. We also wrote many high-quality articles as we stayed on  top of Design trends and you can read them all in our “Design Thinking” blog.

Defuse 2018 by IxDA

Not only was Graphic Mint 10 years old, but so was Defuse by the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Through this synergy we partnered up with IxDA to be the main sponsor of Defuse 2018. It was a great night with 12 speakers discussing their topics through 20 slides, with 15 seconds per slide. You can read more about the talks and the night itself here.

Defuse Logo on background theme


One thing that has not changed for the better in 2018 is the homeless crisis. There are over 10,000 people homeless in Dublin and around 1,800 of these are children. It was two years ago Apollo House took place on our doorstep, so at the start of this year we decided to see if we could find a way to help homeless people through good Design. Through nine months of work we came up with Homelight, a conceptual app we hope will become reality in 2019. Read more about it here.

The Spider Award

Graphic Mint’s Christmas present came early this year. On a November night in the RDS, Homelight won a Spider Award within the category “Tech for Good”. Find out more about the award ceremony in this blog post.

Graphic Mint at the Spider Awards

Help the Homeless

This year Graphic Mint have decided to make a donation to Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH). Join us in supporting this charity and give what you can to help the homeless people this Christmas.

Exciting Clients

Over the year we worked with many clients, both local and large. One of the exciting projects we worked on early in 2018 was with a new client: Musgrave Group. This was a great example of User-Centred Design and you can find out more with our Portfolio Piece.

Musgrave Logo

Leaving 2018 With A Smile

2018 was a year full of great experiences that filled us with joy. And we are taking this with us into the new year, 2019. We love to work on new interesting projects, with new people, or with those who would like to support Homelight. If any of these feel like you why not contact us now!