Goodbye Camden Street

Philip Towell


After almost 6 years on Camden St. Graphic Mint are making the move to Poolbeg St. in the heart of Dublin. While we’re all thrilled about moving to the city centre action, we’re sad to be leaving the bustling and vibrant area of Camden St.

We will miss being part of the local community, from the ‘Keep it Local, Keep it Camden’ campaign we started, to the branding we created and love. As a nod to our old home, here are just a few of our favourite things about the area. No doubt they are good reasons to for us to make the occasional trip back!


The Pubs

Every workplace needs a good pub for that cold pint after work on a Friday! Luckily for us, Camden St. left us spoiled for choice. Two of our most frequented pubs in the area were ‘Anseo’ and ‘The Bernard Shaw’.  ‘Anseo’ has its old school atmosphere and eclectic mix of people while the ‘The Bernard Shaw’ has its funky interior decor and sprawling outdoor seating area, which just so happens to include an old double decker bus!


Throughout our stay in the Camden St. area, we’ve been spoiled for choice when it comes to lunch. While we would be at pains to mention only a couple of our favourites, we often found ourselves returning to Boojum for the best burritos in town and to the ever popular and trendy Green 19. Its lunch menu satisfies even the fussiest eaters in Graphic Mint’s creative crew!


One of the defining characteristics of Camden St. for us is the street art. We loved taking shortcuts to town through the lane ways, which are covered in beautiful murals by some of Dublin’s most talented graffiti artists. One of our favorites is the ‘U ARE ALIVE’ mural dedicated to Úna Mullally. It is a proud sign of how the recent YES Equality campaign was celebrated by all on the corner of Grantham St. and Camden St. Lower this year.


The Camden St. area boasts a variety of architectural styles, from the Egyptian Art Deco style facade of the former DeLuxe Cinema built in 1936, to the eye-catching oval windows of the old Harcourt St. Railway station, often seen on our daily Luas commutes.

Iveagh Gardens

As many local Dubliners know well, the nice summer days in our city are few and far between. One of the real treats of Camden St. however, is the option to escape with your lunch time coffee into the Iveagh gardens. Taking in the relaxing sounds of the waterfall always kept us fresh and ready for the rest of our design-filled day!