Focus on the User! Part 1



The Past and the Present

Amongst insiders, it is simply referred to as UX: User Experience. This is the subject that’s leading research and bringing the most remarkable innovation in the design industry.


Getting straight to the point, companies where usability decisions are still dictated by engineers or graphics designers are becoming part of the past, cutting-edge ones are prioritizing efficiency and later focusing on beauty.

Efficiency and aesthetics are very important features of a product; however, the current way of doing-things-right is focusing primarily on the user: from this perspective, UX or user experience design is the keyword.

This Rollercoaster looks like a well-designed user experience!

A well-designed User Experience

It’s all about understanding people’s desires and motivations in order to provide a more satisfying service, no matter the nature of it. When it comes to webdesign, delivering pleasurable and enjoyable experiences is the secret to get users stick to your site instead of bouncing away, leaving behind just anonymous -and sometimes expensive- “click” fingerprints in your adWords account and online metrics.

How you do deliver positive experiences? Bobby Johnson from the BBC summarizes:

By observing people’s behavior online, asking them careful questions and testing different options.

That is the essence of what interaction design guru Dan Saffer calls “User-centered design” -when a product is tailored around the needs and feedback of the final users- as opposed to the “Genius design” that is, in simpler words, a wannabe artist I-know-it-all design.

(If you are Apple, then you can afford Genius, otherwise it is recommendable -if not mandatory- to rely on a serious user experience design approach).

To be continued.. STAY TUNED!