Digital Branding in the Digital Era

Niamh McGuinness

UI Designer

Have you ever been put off by something due to its poor branding? Sometimes a brand works in the “real world” but fails when online. In this digital age, companies are more concerned than ever how their brand translates online. Customers expect a consistent brand experience across all mediums. Your digital branding is just as important as your physical one. Here we give you some tips to create better digital branding which will improve your customer engagement.

Illustration representing the creation of Digital Branding.

How to Build a Digital Brand

Before discussing digital branding it is important to make one thing clear. Branding and marketing are not the same thing. Marketing is actively promoting your product or service. Whereas branding is expressing your brand values and personality to your customers hoping to encourage them to buy your product or service. Branding encourages a more long-term relationship with your customer, whereas marketing addresses immediate needs.

Digital Branding is over taking the traditional avenues of engaging with customers. This is due to its real time targeting of audiences. With customers spoilt for choice in today’s market, having a focused and definite digital brand is crucial for outlining your product or service. But branding doesn’t end there. It continues right through to customer service, sales processes, social engagements as well as your employees. There are four things to bear in mind to achieve effective digital branding.

Define Your Direction

In order to define a brand direction, you first have to gather information. Not only about your company, but also through analysing market trends as well as defining the brand tone of your competitors. Doing research will help you to understand what is the core message you want to convey to your customers. A clear brand direction combined with a unique personality will help inform any branding decisions going forward.

Just Be You

Customers have many reasons to follow a particular brand, but the main driver is the personality of the brand. Display your personality through the way you speak to your customers. Talk how you actually talk, don’t use jargon for the sake of it. Have a clearly defined tone that represents you and who you are.

Target Mobile

M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) is an ever growing sector and is on its way to match almost half of the E-Commerce market. Most adults are spending their online time through mobile devices and customers want to be able to do more on mobile. It is imperative that your brand translates as well on mobile as on any other digital platform as your customers should always receive the same brand experience.

Keep It Simple

Everyone likes information to be kept simple and direct. Overloading your customers with information will turn them away. Try branching out to new approaches that your customers would prefer. For example, creating a short video campaign promoting your brand may help you gain more customer engagement compared to an image based campaign.

Why is Digital Branding Important?

While you are getting to grips with shaking up your brand and doing your research of the area there are other things to consider. For example Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) will influence how your brand is received. Although they sound similar, they are not the same thing. UX is how customers interact with your product, while CX covers the experiences across every area of the brand.

Don’t be afraid to refresh your brand now and then. We have done so over the years in Graphic Mint and it has worked to our advantage. Check out our branding services and contact us today so we can begin the journey together.