Customer Experience Maps As A Business Tool

Tatsiana Artsemiuk

UI Designer

Whether you realise it or not, when your customer uses your service or product they go on a journey. But do you know what that journey looks like? Do you think the journey they experience is the one you believe you are offering? What is the path like that they go on? Like every well planned journey, what is needed is a map. Thankfully we have one. Customer Experience Maps are essential for businesses who want to succeed with great Customer Experience.

Illustration representing Customer Experience Maps

What Are Customer Experience Maps?

Customer Experience Maps are one of the key insights which help businesses to understand their customer. At its most basic level it is a graphical representation on how your customer (or User) interacts and fits into your business model. It depicts every possible phase of product usage and customer touch-points within each phase. This is similar to a Customer Journey Map, but a Customer Experience Map goes one step further. Not only does it show these physical interactions, but also captures what the customer thinks and feels while completing these tasks.

Why Use Customer Experience Maps?

A Customer Experience Map is a useful tool to visually represent all of this different information. It allows a business to compare the expectations it has in relation to the service it is providing with the actual experience. It provides an opportunity to streamline and standardise the touch-points and interactions a customer goes through, and possibly reduce that number. The map shows the pain-points on the journey that need to be resolved to increase user-satisfaction.

It also highlights the full customer journey across different departments in a company. The sales-person may think their customer relationship is over when they hand over to the production team, but a customer has the one experience and relationship with the company. The map shows that entire relationship and reinforces the idea that everyone in the company is working together.

How To Create A Customer Experience Map?

The first step on creating a Customer Experience Map is to know who your customer is. This is where User Personas come in as a great tool. Once you know whose experience you are mapping, you need to place them in a scenario. What part of your service offering do you want them to experience or do you want to map? Once that is resolved it becomes a case of just mapping that out from end to end. Templates exists to help in this process or just the simple method of paper, post-its and sharpies can also work.

The map starts when the customer first interacts with a product and ends when they have completed the transaction or experience. Every touchpoint on the way is mapped and how the customer feels at that touchpoint is recorded. When finished the map shows the journey and the emotions felt on the way. From this areas of concern can be shortlisted and resolved. After this you can create multiple maps for different User (or customer) personas.

Example of a Customer Experience Map template

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