Customer Experience: It’s a Journey

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This article discusses customer journeys, which are a central theme of our upcoming event, Captivate: a CX Masterclass. They are also an essential tool for creating meaningful customer engagement. A customer journey is the sum of possible experiences and interactions a customer can have, as they engage with your business over time.


Customer Experience Strategy

Our recent CX Articles including a CX Comic Strip, discuss our team’s customer experiences both positive and negative. In order to learn from examples and create a CX strategy, we must understand how customer interactions across many different business touchpoints relate to one another, and form a holistic customer journey. Understanding the flow of this journey is key to converting your customers to long-term brand advocates.

This opportunity starts as early as customers reading an advertisement for your product or service, to entering a physical or digital space, then making an enquiry or purchase. This customer journey continues as they use the product or service. Ideally the relationship is nurtured through long-term customer communications, support or additional sales.

Man mapping out a User Journey on paper and whiteboard

Journey Mapping

An expert CX review entails mapping or sketching the components of your customers’ journey, then identifying where customers’ interactions can be made more consistent and effective. It should be clear that customer journeys can (and should) be quite different from one business to the next. The experience you aim to create for your customers will stem from your business touchpoints, Branding strategy, Digital Marketing and more.

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