Do You Have An Irresistible Call-To-Action?

Joan Lau

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Call who? Buttons? What? No, I am not referring to the fashion piece on a piece of clothing nor the Golden Buzzer that brings tears and cheers and a standing ovation. I am referring to a call-to-action (CTA) button. The button that catches your customer’s eye on your website and intrigues them into clicking it. But are your CTA buttons doing the job? Do you wish that your CTA buttons would be clicked on more often? How do you create a button that screams ‘Click me!’?

Call To Action illustration showing a megaphone proclaiming the message

What is a Call-To-Action?

Call-to-action (CTA), as the name suggests, is a button that stands out on your website and leads the customer to respond through completing an action. These buttons, with clear messaging, guide the User into knowing what their next steps are. Customers are likely to remain on your website for a longer duration if there are CTAs. They are more likely to leave the page without completing an action if no CTA is present.

CTA buttons provide much more value than just getting someone to click them. They are a gateway for you to get to know and nurture your customer by knowing their needs and interacting with them. It leads you in the right direction when staying in touch with your customers. You are able to provide content that is relevant to a particular customer by looking at what CTA button they clicked. For example, the customer is most likely in the awareness stage when they download an e-book on ‘How to identify bad CTAs’.

Spotify’s Call-To-Action

Let’s have a look at Spotify’s home page as an example. They use a striking pink as their background colour, white text, and a light yellow CTA button that catches the eye. Spotify has put an emphasis on ‘Get Offer’ button compared to the ‘Learn More’ button. It is clear that the objective of this page is to have customers click the button to receive the limited offer.

Home page of Spotify.

Tips to Create A Golden Buzzer Call-To-Action

Your CTA button needs to be worthy of pressing and valuable to achieve customer engagement. Bad CTA designs may lead to a missed customer. Instead, be the contestant that gets the golden confetti! Here are some tips to consider while creating an irresistible CTA:

Make It Pop

A CTA button should be big enough for the customer to notice; too large CTA buttons may seem to be aggressive and forced. To help your CTA button to stand out, use the colour wheel or colour scheme websites such as Paletton in finding the complementary colours.

Message on the button

A clear and direct message gets the job done. Make the message personal, create a feeling of not wanting to miss out on pressing the button.

Placement of CTA

Place your CTA button where it is easy for the eye to see. Customers may not be able to see the button if an important CTA is at the bottom of the page. Limit the amount of CTAs that are needed. Over-clustering your website with buttons is distracting for the customer.

Test the Design

As a final step perform A/B testing in order to determine which CTA buttons have the best Design, suitable message, or placed at the appropriate location. This result of A/B testing helps you to decide on a Design that fits your customer perfectly. Hubspot has a few examples of what an effective call-to-action may look like.

Design For Success

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