But What Is Service Design?

Karyn Corrigan

Content Strategist

Think about your favourite cafe. What makes it special? Is it the coffee, the food, the service, the ambience or a bit of everything? In today’s fast-paced world, creating meaningful interactions for your customers is more valuable than ever. A single bad review can actually make a difference. Businesses are now all about experience, where trust is the new currency. Getting ahead of the game is more than just having a good product.



This is where Service Design comes in. Every single interaction with your brand has come down to a science. From the very first touchpoint, to long after converting someone into a loyal customer, all elements that relate with your brand are designed to build trust and convert customers.

A touchpoint is any point of contact between you and your customer. This can be intangible like a conversation with a call center agent, as fleeting as an ad on a passing bus, online like a social media post in someone’s news feed, or as seemingly mundane as the couch in your reception area. A touchpoint can be made even before someone has actually interacted with your product.

With a seemingly endless list of touchpoints, ensuring a consistent and holistic experience for your customers can be a daunting task. How do you integrate all these elements and develop a strategy to improve the quality of your service?

But What is Service Design?

Service Design ensures that a product or service is user-friendly and relevant to the customer. Bringing in elements of user experience, marketing, project management and many others, service design can be frustrating at times but overall rewarding. Ensuring all touchpoints are absolutely necessary makes for a great user experience, and keeps customers converting time after time.

The overall goal of this discipline is to create a seamless process for the customer, so they can achieve their aim in as short a period of time as possible. This can be done through cutting out useless steps in the checkout process or making your website navigation easier through less clutter. Companies have used innovative and disruptive ways to improve their Service Design and make a name for themselves.

Graphic Mint provide Service Design solutions which help your company improve processes and systems for staff and customers. We combine User Experience (UX) Design, operations management and process engineering to make your services more effective and efficient. Want to learn more about conducting your own workshops for service design? Check out our previous blog here: Service Design Workshops

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