Blogging is Your Business

Dylan Lewis


The internet is a great medium for sharing information. Not only do people consume this content, they can also freely create it, such as through blogs. Blogging gives everyone a voice and lets them share their thoughts with the world, creating a veritable jungle of information online. It is an ever evolving medium and when utilised correctly can be very effective, not just for the individual but also for a company.

Blogging for Business

To Blog or not to Blog?

The first blog was written in 1994. Technology (and the internet) has changed a lot since then, which influences the way we create and consume digital content. Up to 23 percent of time spent online by people is spent reading blogs and social media. One would assume with the advent of video blogging, or ‘vlogging’, that the traditional written blog would be less relevant. Just look at the amount of “reaction” videos on YouTube when the latest Marvel trailer is released, for example. Surprisingly it has turned out to have had the opposite effect, and the demise of the blog has not happened. An example of how much blogging has advanced over the years is that one of the most widely used website CMS started life as a blogging platform – WordPress.

The Value of a Blog for Business

What is the benefit to a company from all of this? The company blog serves a number of functions. At a practical level it is integral for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Effective SEO is based on good content, that is regularly updated and contains both internal and external links. Rather than having to rewrite a full site content every month to achieve this, a blog can be just as, if not more, effective. A weekly blog post ensures the website content is fresh, can provide links to external sites to reinforce the point it is making and can have links to pages within the company site which helps drive traffic to them. All of these benefits are the type of things that keeps Google happy which can improve a site’s ranking and indexing.

At a more insightful level a blog helps give a face, and a sense of personality, to a company. It breaks down barriers between the customer and the business allowing the latter to explain who it is, what it does and why it does it. People who work within the company can contribute to the blog, share their expertise and give a sense of the type of person who works for what otherwise would be a faceless corporation. As a result of a blog being moderated by a person, there is a more personal feel to it meaning that users will sense that it is more trustworthy.

Two Way Conversation Illustration

Online Presence and Retention

The final value of the blog is that it can help a company differentiate itself from its competitors. Many big companies, like Coca-Cola have taken notice of the fact that a blog has the ability to act like a two-way-conversation. It asks its readers to contribute in many different ways and makes them feel like they are part of a community, not just consumers. This helps to build up brand loyalty, which can only benefit a company.

The blog is a valuable resource that should be taken full advantage of by the informed business. It can provide many valuable results for little effort and it’s use should not be overlooked. Combined with a good social media policy, the blog can be a potent weapon in the marketing arsenal of any company.

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