Benefits Of Strong Customer Support

Brendan Feeney

Interaction Designer

The era of a company’s relationship with a customer ending once the transaction is complete is over. Many companies are progressively making customer support and service a central part of their product offering. These businesses understand that creating a customer support experience that people love will increase customer loyalty, understanding and retention. Any successful businesses today is built upon a customer service that is second to none. As we show here, the options open to businesses are plentiful and easy to implement.

Illustration representing people working in Customer Support

How to Build Strong Customer Support

As technology evolves, there are several paths and channels available for building great customer support. These can be used to create a personal and responsive service for today’s customers. There are four main areas of customer service trends that are driving companies toward an engaged customer service.


Chatbots can strike up a conversation with a customer about any issue at any time of day. They engage in friendly interactions with customers and keep them engaged on your website longer. Chatbots have the ability to answer your customers’ queries there and then. This results in your customers becoming more invested in your brand. They are more likely to make a purchase or subscribe to your content. When Globe Telecom automated their customer service via a chatbot that connected with users through Facebook messenger, their customer satisfaction results increased by 22 percent.

In-product Messaging

In-product messaging is key to any business that puts a premium on customer service. Apps such as Bamboo which provides users with a service on behalf of their business customers, need to be easily reachable if something goes wrong. Otherwise the consumer is unhappy if the app doesn’t work. This results in both the app and their business customers looking bad. Real time in-product messages help inform the user about issues as they happen. This often negates any negative reactions from users as a result. Furthermore, the users can be engaged in the problem solving process which fosters assurance that the issue is actively being dealt with.

Illustration representing a Customer Support Chatbot

Self-Service Support

While chatbots and in-product messaging are especially helpful for some customers, more experienced users prefer to solve the issue themselves. “Googling it” is now the typical response to any issue in life. Customers have come to expect the option to ‘self-solve’ an issue using the support pages of the product’s interface. Based on a study of 3,000 consumers done by Steven Van Belleghem, it is found that 70% expect a company website to include a self-service application and 40% prefer self-service to human contact.


Automation can make a big difference when launching a new product. Businesses can release interactive FAQs. This can resolve thousands of customer queries without the need for human interaction. Automation is also aiding support teams and chatbots. It can analyse big data sets to produce more focused and relevant messages to send to customers. Automation allows for the multiple production of plans, documents and other assets unique to each user account across a product. Finally, automation enables a service to scale at speed without the need to scale up staff numbers at the same rate.

The Benefits of Putting Customer First

Customer service and support experiences are becoming the differentiating factors when people choose which companies get their business. Businesses that make customer support a central part of their product offering can enjoy the benefits of satisfied customers. These customers evangelise their service and engage more regularly with both the product and its feedback channels. This personal approach to customer support improves retention rates, increases product expansion and ultimately benefits a company’s bottom line.

The best way to ensure your customer is first, through good design. Specifically, good Service Design. This ensures businesses map out the key touchpoints on their customer’s journey and place the support at the right stage of the process. At Graphic Mint, we know a thing or two about Service Design. To begin our journey together to improve your customer support, contact us today.