App Review

Julian Becerra

Director of Digital Strategy

Irish app for buying, selling or renting residential or commercial properties

The iPhone app is a regional mobile app that helps users find property rentals and properties for sale in Dublin City and throughout Ireland, with an additional listing-saving feature for future reference.


Despite the fact that the latest public release to the App Store by is less than a month ago (since writing this review), this app simply looks and feels outdated, clunky and uninviting.

Although there is a clear structure and architecture, there is an overwhelming amount of options and information available to the user from just about any screen, thus navigation and choice-making is cumbersome at times and not particularly intuitive. There are a series of icons that are repetitive and don’t necessarily represent the same category, which causes further confusion.

Upon making a selection from the main page for either Rentals, Sales, Commercial, etc., the user then has the option of further narrowing the search results to display a filtered amount of listings based on the criteria selected. There is consistency in terms of page types and interaction flows from the various categories in the main navigation, allowing the user to become familiar with the app’s system for interaction, thus setting a precedent and guiding user’s expectations.

The arrangement and visualisation of listings is also consistent with other design patterns that deal with similar content or types of apps. Once a property is selected from the list of search results, a clearly defined and detailed listing page is served, containing categorised information, such as: Image Gallery, Agent Contact options (Email / Phone), Property Description, Features, a Property Location Map along with sharing options like “Send to a Friend.”

The best thing about this app is that, as a user, you have the ability to “Add to Favourites” any number of listings, allowing for the creation of lists and save properties for future reference. This, as a result, makes a returning visitor’s browsing experience more streamlined and less cumbersome. An account has to be set-up with an email and password for accessing stored information at a later date.