Airbnb: App Review

Julian Becerra

Director of Digital Strategy

Making the search for a holiday rental a more enjoyable experience.

Airbnb is a clean, easy-to-use and straight-forward app that can make a daunting experience, like finding a place to stay while on holidays a much more enjoyable one; all from the comfort of your own iPhone.


To have an optimal experience with this app, the user must first go through a simple registration process that takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Upon login, the user lands on the “Discover” category which features various locations, promotions and sharing opportunities in exchange for “travel credit.”

As you browse, the user can manage a “Wish List” where locations can be saved and referenced at a later time. This is very appropriately depicted with the symbol of a heart.

The categorisation, wording and overall structure is clear, concise, and to the point. The two-tier navigation aims to clearly identify the needs of the user by user type: Traveler and Host.

The Traveler section of the app is clearly categorised with easily consumable, user-friendly terminology: Search, Discover, Your Trips, Wish lists, and Inbox. Furthermore, where appropriate, (ie. Search, Maps, etc.) the app auto completes and suggests locations even before you finish typing.

However, the Host section of the app is clearly positioned “below-the-fold” and organised to painlessly address the needs and requirements of Hosts wanting to “List a Space” on the app.

The entire browsing experience and booking engine is seamlessly connected with dynamically updated calendars, annotated interactive maps, image galleries, etc., allowing for contextual interactions pre, during and post the booking experience. Each property has a detail page that is further personalised by having the name and a photo of a property manager alongside reviews, various ratings and scores relating to communications, response rates, etc.

The overall user experience is cohesive from the initial loading screen to the depths of the messaging centre and the dynamic booking engine. Typographically and stylistically speaking, this app is influenced by typical Swiss design styles because of the gridded structure, use of geometric shapes, minimal use of colour, large images, generally light and airy typographical appearance.

So, if what you’re after it’s either a shared space, a private room, or an entire holiday rental all to yourself, then Airbnb is the app that can help you find it!