Another World: Video Game Review

Julian Becerra

Director of Digital Strategy

It has been literally ages since I played a SEGA game or a video game for that matter. As part of this entry I have reviewed – Another World. A video game made by Virgin Games in the early 90s. Check it out, play for yourself!


What is the designer’s intent?

Their intent is to pile on the tension, specifically as it relates to time. The game is fast paced which makes it exciting. As you advance in the game vicious slug-like creatures come at you and stab you on the knees and  freaky baboon like monsters come along and shred you to pieces.

How are they trying to make me feel?

They’re trying to make the user feel uneasy, pressured, slightly uncomfortable but very addicted. They are also providing a lot of content before and during the game as to engross us.

How are they doing this?

They are achieving this through the pace of the game, the eerie settings and gory antagonists that are all around you. The colour scheme is also quite electric and stimulating. The story world is equally disturbing and intriguing.

Are they successful?

Definitely, a successful game. It is a game allows you the ability to kick, jump, duck, walk, and turn left and right. This gives the user a stronger sense of reality, very much human relation and perhaps this is what makes the game more successful.

Image Samples

Ah, the good old days when pixelisation was so in! Check out some of the images for the game, great graphics.