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Author: Séamus Byrne

The Magic of Facilitation
In the dynamic world of business, product and service design, workshops are materialising as an unexpected game-changing ingredient in agile and lean workflows.
Research roles are starting to pop up on product teams everywhere. There is a lot more to researching than meets the eye but often there are not enough people to do the research right, or there is one person tasked with doing everything research related – which can be challenging! How can research practitioners successfully set up and run smooth Research Operations to help provide insightful data to the wider team and gain the credibility they deserve?
Over the past 10 years we have witnessed the exponential growth, rapid standardisation and subsequent settling down of User Experience (UX) as a discipline. As UX practitioners, our laundry list of considerations has also scaled up considerably. We are challenged to think about product vision, the business model, value proposition, market segmentation and pain validation. This is even before we tackle our usual UX toolkit activities as we Design better products. The scope has leaped, our framework has peaked, and now it is time for a new approach that can handle the scale of the modern UX practitioners workload.
Technology is taking over our lives. Every day we are exposed to a digital landscape that underpins our real world journeys, choice and decisions. Our homes are becoming smarter, mobile devices keep us connected wherever we go. Work can be extended beyond the nine to five due to an evolution in technology that seems to accelerate by the minute.
In the post in this series, Why do stories matter? I discussed my avid interest in storytelling and my passion for exploring ways of utilising the strengths and methods of storytelling into my day-to-day design work at Graphic Mint.

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