Shoreditch Street Art

Shoreditch Street Art
January 29, 2016 Séamus Byrne

I was in Shoreditch, London recently to view a friend’s workspace, where it was great to see London from thirty stories high. We then took to the streets and my friend turned out to be a great guide for the local area and took me on a tour of his favourites haunts. Pitstops included chic local restaurants, hipster speciality shops and some very high-end boutique Market Stalls!

I of course was preoccupied with Shoreditch’s industrial architecture and magnetised to its wonderfully creative street art. We have delved into Dublin street art before on this blog, so I think it’s entirely appropriate for me to share a few snaps of the best bits. Who knows, there could be a Banksy in the making! Let me know what you think and feel free to share your street art pics here or on our Facebook page.

Creativity Hits the Streets

Street Art ET Robot

Street Art gas masks Street Art Ticket  Street Art Lights

Street Art Writing
Shoreditch Street Art

Street Art signageStreet Art texture

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Séamus Byrne
Séamus is the Director of User Experience at Graphic Mint.