Creating a Service Blueprint

Creating a Service Blueprint
September 11, 2015 Julian Becerra


How was your sandwich today?
Did you sleep well in your hotel suite last night?
Welcome to your Online Banking Statement – How can we help you?
Did you receive your delivery on-time?
How does the product meet your expectations?
How would you rate your overall experience with us today?

If you are not asking these types of questions on a regular basis, how can you ensure customers receive the best possible experience you or your company can offer?

This is important not only because your customers can tell others about the “GOOD” experiences they have had with your service / business / brand, but also because they can tell others about their “BAD” or even what they consider to be “TERRIBLE” experiences too.

Understanding your customers is critical for making your business a success.

Service design encourages and allows for a revolving door of (internal and external) feedback to ensure customer’s expectations and pain-points are constantly being addressed and evaluated.


What is a Service Design blueprint?

A Service Blueprint is a step by step visualisation of how your business, staff, brand, products, services, environments and systems currently interact with your customers and target audiences.

Service Blueprints

These are critical to defining how and where improvements could be made in the future. Where are the weaker links? If you have assumed these in the past, and you got them wrong – is it time to hear it from the horse’s mouth?

Service Design Workshops

SONY DSCWe can help you to dig deep into your existing internal processes and begin to develop a Service Blueprint. Specifically, looking at your customer-facing touchpoints and your back-of-house efforts can help frame the current customer’s experience within your company.

The results from these workshops provide a great deal of insight and could put your business, service offering, product and/or brand experience back on track.

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Julian Becerra
Julian is the Director of Digital Strategy at Graphic Mint.