My Top 5 Graphic Mint Projects

Mario Mendez

Digital Media Designer

Over the course of years, Graphic Mint has created dozens of exciting products making customers and their users happy with well designed websites, useful applications or memorable graphics.  Usually, it is hard for any parent to pick who their favourite son is, and the same applies in my case when picking my favourite projects. However, I finally decided which ones I like the best and feel more proud of.


1. College Writing Programs

A robust website used by thousands of students from one of the best universities in the world, UCBerkeley, wouldn’t you be proud too?

2. Cake Contemporary Arts

Very minimal, very mysterious, very cool. Why don’t you take a look?

3. Cannonball

Cars! Speed! Girls! Fun! Enda Kenny!

4. Equestrian Holidays Ireland

A multilingual website showing the best riding centres in Ireland to the world. Any horse enthusiast will love it!

5. Educational Techonology Services

Another fine website we did for UCBerkeley. This one looks like a subway map!