Minty Fresh New Site Coming

Julian Becerra

Director of Digital Strategy

We at Graphic Mint are moving with the times staying up-to-date with the latest technological, methodological, and design trends in the industry and in doing so, we realised that our own website was in need of a certain something – a bit of a redesign!

Graphic Mint Astronaut Minty Fresh Coming Soon logo

And although trends come and go and especially when considering the pace at which “online” technology evolves, we believe it’s crucial that we showcase our work not only on a mobile friendly website, but more importantly on a flexible and responsive website that adjusts and adapts to the device that the viewer may be using.

We are in the process of redesigning our website and making it cross-platform friendly so that your viewing experience on all desktop (Mac / PC), tablet, and mobile devices (iPhone / iPad / Android) can be tailored to your contextual needs.

Some of the main improvements we’re making include:

  • Flexible and Responsive Layout
  • Streamlined and Fast Loading Content
  • Updated Portfolio and Work Samples
  • Bio Profiles of the Team
  • Integrated Blog Feed

We are thrilled to be working on our website and hope to release it to the public very soon, so we’ll definitely keep you posted on our progress!