CX News and Events

CX News and Events
April 28, 2015 Katie McNeice

Graphic Mint are deeply engaged with the topic of Customer Experience (CX) Design. We have welcomed the Year of Irish Design 2015 as an opportunity for an important phase of development in Irish business. As designers, we too continually promote awareness of more creative, transformative practices of customer engagement. Our team have long-established experience organising Events at home and abroad. We have presented and facilitated customer and user workshops at Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne and Sonru’s annual StandOut conference this year alone.

Our staff have also created a CX Comic Series about the everyday frustration of poor customer experiences from a design perspective. This series ultimately illustrates the role of CX Design in maintaining customer satisfaction. In turn, we have kicked off a CX Blog Series praising our customer experiences, with an analysis of the design methodologies which create them.

Customer Experience

Workshop Opportunity

Customer Experience (CX) is a highly relevant topic at the moment, presenting concerns and opportunities for large businesses and organisations. Graphic Mint are proud to host our latest event, Captivate: a CX Masterclass on May 7th in collaboration with our Near Future peers. We come together as experts in assessing service, technology and business needs to ensure customers love interacting with your business.

This event will be an in-depth workshop delivered by three industry leading professionals with practical knowledge and insightful, real-world applications of expert Customer Experience (CX). Through comprehensive presentations, you will learn how to plan for and manage long term CX engagement. This engagement increases customer satisfaction and helps to achieve your commercial objectives.

When: Thursday, 7th of May, 2015
9am to 11:30am
(Registration from 8:45am)

Where: The Wood Quay Venue
Dublin City Council Civic Offices
Dublin 8

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Speakers and Topics

Séamus Byrne

Séamus Byrne | At Your Service! Making Customers Happier Through Experience Design

This session will explain how principles and best practices of Service Design, CX and UX Design can be applied to transform your business for the better.
Séamus is Director of Customer Experience Design at Graphic Mint. He is a seasoned CX and UX Designer, creating user-friendly and customer-focused interactive experiences with products and services which make peoples’ lives better.

Dermot Near Future

Dermot Casey | Building a Roadmap for a Successful Customer Experience Strategy

Drawing on case studies and innovative practice, this session will concentrate on mapping and building your Customer Experience Strategy and Vision.
Dermot is a Principal of Near Future and spent over 20 years changing businesses through strategy and technology, working with large multinationals and Startups.

Siobhan Hennessy Bank of Ireland

Siobhan Hennessy | Delivering an Impactful Customer Experience Programme Across Complex Organisations and Markets: The 10 Deadly Sins

A lead through the pitfalls and success factors that contribute towards any company, really achieving their goal of moving the customer dial and delivering on their brand promises.

Siobhan is Head of Customer Experience for Bank of Ireland. With over 20 years of professional experience within the area of Marketing, Siobhan has dedicated the last 10 years exclusively to Customer Experience programmes.